Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Inspired by two superb posts at The Eide Neurolearning Blog, and with a pointer or two from Critt, I have made my maiden post at Newsvine on "Complexity and Simplification in Cognition".

A sample quote:

"Furthermore, complex thinkers are also well placed to propose solutions or plans of action in a chaotic environment as their "transdiciplinary" perspective is essentially a bias toward horizontal thinking, looking across multiple domains to see the interconnections, parallels, analogies and symmetries. Organizations that emphasize promoting individuals of this type will be likely to be more resilient and creative in adapting to change.

At the other end of the spectrum, thinkers who are adept at simplification will also prove highly useful. I queried the Eides for a neuroscientific follow-up along these lines and they obliged: "

Read the whole thing here.

On the subject of Newsvine:

It is not as user friendly a format as Blogger and writing that post was probably about 25 % more time consuming than it would be here. On the other hand, it exposes my writings to a different online audience and posseses some features that Blogger does not have ( most of which I have yet to explore). I've dipped my toe into Newsvine at Critt's urging, and given his impressive track record, I thought that his recommendation might pique the interest of the more computer literate folks out there.

So if Sean, Younghusband or Dan would like to give me their informed opinion, fire away !
I've been a member of Newsvine since February, thinking I would use it to expand my "reach," but only ever using it for a great source of news -- and then, infrequently.

Newsvine is a good idea, something like an expanded co-blog. They're very careful to insist that one never "seeds" one's own personal blog, however, and because the limitations are not entirely clear, I've avoided using it to blog. For instance, I seem to remember something in the guidelines that posting the same article to a personal blog and a Newsvine account would be looked down upon even if it was technically allowed.

All that semi-anti-open souce reminded me a bit of the old Soviet Union..."Let's keep it in the family, channel it back to the family, shall we?"
thanks for the request, Mark. i am honored. :-)

Critt got me into Newsvine, too, which i really appreciate. i liked the concept and the design.

i found, probably my deficiency, that i just wasn't interested in 'seeding the vine'. if they had a button for 'post to my newsvine', so i could auto-magically post/crosspost to my own newsvine with my comments, i would probably do that, and then cross-post to my regular weblog (maybe via some kind of feed or some other automated route). maybe they do have it and i just missed it.

'25% more time' is a total non-starter for me.
Hi Curtis,

Sorry, I forgot to include you in the pantheon of technically adept blogfriends.

Yes, Critt mentioned something about that code of conduct and not self-promoting. I'm not sure where the border is there either.

Basically, I'm not putting my blog material there but I will alert my blogreaders to interesting newsvine posts. If that is unpopular with people who I don't actually know, I can live with that. I'm on Newsvine primarily because Critt wants everyone on his project linked there in a game development koinon.

If "regular" newsvine ppl find my stuff worth reading, they'll read it. If not, then not. Secondary concern at present.
Hi Sean,

Add me as a newsvine friend plz.

For you probably no additional time - I'm not used to adding xhtml to my text - second nature for you probably.

Ok - I gotta get offline and get out of here :O)
Neurotypicals are morons


do u use a standard blogger template - if so which one?
Hi Anon# 1

Interestingly enough, I went through a brief Autism-Asperger's seminar recently. Not my area of expertise at all but I have wonder if Autists all really aren't supposed to be like Aspergerists and can't function like that for difficulties in screening out sensory input.

Hi Anon#2

The Blogger template is Tekka

The whole "no self-promotion" clause on Newsvine just doesn't hack it with me. For some reason it sounded un-American to me to not self-promote. This country (America) was founded and built by self-promoters. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. It sounds to me like you have to depend on others to "seed" your material. And no "crossblogging" or plugging your blog? I don't have a problem with self promotion done cleverly and in moderation.
HI Mark.
Wouldn't a fully functional horizontal complex thinker also be adept at simplification? Other wise that person would run the risk, as Curtis Gale Weeks did after exposure to the Ritalin deficient blog of TDAXP, of locking up the mental processes all together.

If a person is able to stand out from the line-of-sight and form that line into a plane, would it not be impossible to output that information unless at least some simplification takes place. In fact, the more horizontal thinker a person is the tendency would be to become more simplistic to function normally.

When reading Einstein's paper on relativity that Dr. Von gave a hyperlink to, it was not the complexity of what or how he wrote (I think he wrote in a very simplistic way for his subject matter) it was the simplification of a complex subject that really amazed me. As an example, it was almost impossible to not see the curve formed between the two reference frames when he dropped the object from the train. He gave us a very simple image of a complex problem. I wonder if this image was not only a result of “dumbing it down” for us less mental giants, but was also a process of simplification he went through to output what he saw. In other words, he saw the train and the falling object before he tried to figure out a way of explaining it to us morons (thanks, Anonymous).
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